Thompson Bay, Long Island

Kelly penning this one…

Eric has been itching to leave for Long Island, well, really he’s been just been itching to leave. Admittedly, he’s gotten better, but the man can’t stay in one place longer than a few days before feeling the urge to sail somewhere…anywhere. God help us when we move back to land-life!

Our sail to Long Island is pretty uneventful, minimal waves, which is good, but a lot of tacking. (To my non-sailing friends, ‘tacking’ means ‘turning’. So instead of going in a straight line to your destination, you zig-zag your way there. A sailing necessity when you use the wind to get where you’re going, but super annoying when you’re trying to simply enjoy a ‘leisurely’ sail. Not with captain speedo here! I love him dearly, but the man is constantly messing with the sails. A little trim here, a little out there because ‘we can go .25 knots faster. Enter eye-roll here.) So, this time we’re tacking an insane amount not because we need to. It’s because there is a boat behind us, obviously going to the same anchorage, and Eric, being the competitor that he is, decides, unbeknownst to this other guy, that they are racing, and he is going to get there first. Enter another eye-roll here. That being said, we do ‘win’ and find a great spot to anchor in this almost empty anchorage. A nice change from George Town.

The water here is weirdly milky. When Eric checks our anchor, has says its because the sand is silty and previous winds have likely agitated things. 

Long Island has more of that laid-back feeling that we love. The grocery store here isn’t crazily expensive, and it’s well stocked, which is a nice surprise. We meet other cruisers here: a veteran cruiser couple who have been cruising for 10+ years (SV Reach), and, surprisingly, two other cruising families with kids (SV Hindsight & SV ?). There are a handful of kid boat outings, one to the west side of the island to snorkel the banks, another to the ocean side beach to play in the waves. Our last day here, we visit the Farmer’s Market and score some onions and potatoes! They aren’t the biggest potatoes, but they sure are tasty – surprisingly sweet. We also get a jar of homemade pepper jelly for Eric and some coconut cake for the girls. Since it’s our last day here, we also stop by the grocery store to stock up on a few things. We even find some fairly priced tomatoes. Score! One of the things that we really miss while cruising in the Bahamas is fresh produce. It’s just too expensive here. But today, we enjoy some awesome tomato sandwiches for lunch.


Three kid boats represented here!

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